Truthfully, my position here as High Priestess is very difficult.
— Bertricia

Bertricia is the High Priestess of Ivala for the elven kingdoms Darghelon and Gheldaron. An elf herself, she appears much more serene, thoughtful and open-minded than most Priestesses of the Church, High or otherwise. In her own words, she preaches "very mainstream Consecrationist theology".

Despite the usual drooling of the succubi,[1] it seems unlikely that Bertricia will join the group, because there appears to be no mutual attraction between her and Simon and he's content to have her "as an ally and perhaps friend."

Story Edit

Simon and his companions have to visit the High Priestess during their efforts to purify the Gryndine River, corrupted during the Incubus King's failed attempt at subverting the kingdoms earlier in Chapter 3. One of the focus points of corruption is near Ivala's Glade, Bertricia's residence, and they need her permission to deal with it.

Besides taking care of business, a few members of the party can strike up a conversation with her. Carina identifies herself as a member of the Ivalan Inquisition (but not on an official mission) and asks about the Church's work here, though the conversation ultimately turns towards Carina's own struggles with doubt. If Altina is in the party, she reveals that she greatly admires the priestess, as it was Bertricia's books that turned her towards Ivala.

After Simon's encounter with the Mother in the Forest of the First Root, he and Carina can talk to Bertricia about their experience, bringing up the nature of god(s) and divine magic.


  1. Yarra's words, highlighted by the author herself in a screenshot: "Thoughtful exchanges of ideas. Discussion of moral imperatives. Nuanced interpersonal understanding. And then titfuckinggggg~~~!"