Well... I figured if the "Doom King" has a discretionary funding category, he can't be ALL doom. Life will go on.
— a nameless House of Petitions worker

After conquering Yhilin, you have to actually run the country. Thankfully, you've been spared from dealing with the details of the budget, but you have some amount of money that you can spend on projects of your choice. Unlike your usual investments, the costs are not denominated in ProN: instead, you allocate the necessary percentage of the available money to a task. Information about your remaining funds and general advice is provided by the helpful maid right inside the door of the House of Petitions.

Beware! This page contains SPOILERS that are almost impossible to avoid, because many projects depend on the hidden variables concerning the occupation of Yhilin and the progression of the plot.

Funding rounds and budget Edit

Funding is a multi-stage process - you are able to assign funds while you are in Yhilin and then see the results when you return from missions outside. You get 100% funds at the start of each round in addition to the funds left over from the previous round. For example, if you have 20% remaining at the end of a round, you'll start the next one with 120%. As you progress in the development of Yhilin during chapter 3, you get a total of 450% to spend.

Prior to the Third Arclent War, there are five rounds of funding:

  1. After the invasion of Yhilin (while the Govern Yhilin quest is active).
  2. After you return from the Elven kingdoms (Govern Yhilin II).
  3. After you return from Zirantia (Govern Yhilin III, this and the next one).
  4. After you are done with the previous round (you only get 50% more funds at the start).
  5. After you return from Eustrin (you can only do this round at the start of the section).

Projects' results usually become available only at the beginning of the next round, though some projects can also have immediate results that come into effect the moment they are funded. It's also very likely that some of the decisions you make will have further long-term implications, but those are not known at the moment.

Nobility campaign Edit

After you summon and talk to the Noble Liaison, she sets up her desk in the palace hallway. She offers to consolidate your support among nobles. You have three options: funding a Campaign (10%), a Double Campaign (20%) or asking about the Current status. A campaign can be funded every round. A double campaign during the first round increases a hidden score that contributes favorably to Yhilin Acceptance, Yhilin, Chaos, and Social scores. Do this before getting the Yhilini Ambassador's evaluation of your position after the battle.

Campaigns increase the hidden Victory Points score at the end of the round, not immediately: +3 Victory Points for a campaign or +6 Victory Points for a double campaign. Asking about the current status gives you a clue about your current Victory Points:

Victory Points Noble Liaison's Comment
25+ "It's impossible to ever gain full support..."
20-24 "We've gained a surprising amount of control..."
15-19 "The enemy is reeling..."
10-14 "You've dealt those who oppose you a serious blow..."
5-9 "Honestly, we need to get started immediately..."
< 5 "Honestly, there's an incredible amount of work to be done..."

House of Petitions Edit

House of Petitions positions

New petitioners are in the already familiar House of Petitions. Refer to the helpful maid by the door for the remaining amount of funds and general information.

For a project to appear, the conditions usually have to be met at the beginning of the round. As petitioners appear in fixed places, replacing the previous projects, the table below is organized by position number: left to right, bottom to top - the bottom left corner is 1, the top right corner is 12.

Projects marked with † can be funded at the same time if you have the money, or in separate rounds.

Position Project Price Condition(s) Results
1 Bridge Repair 10% Bridge not repaired at any point. Finally fixes the bridge.
1 Infrastructure 100% Bridge repaired. Elven kingdoms visited. +5 Hilstara +5 Janine; next round: increases Acceptance, Economy and Yhilin scores[1]. Helps during the Border Incident and also is a hidden booster. [2]
2 Another House of Petitions 25% Enough Acceptance at any time.[3] Next round: opens a second House of Petitions in the Slums.
2 Mercenary regulations 20% (cities) Second House of Petitions funded; enough Acceptance at any time[3]. +2 Hilstara; next round: increases Yhilin score[4] and Army Size.
100% (countryside) +5 Hilstara; next round: increases Yhilin score[5] and Army Size.
3 Seize the Mine 25% Before Elven kingdoms visit, if the mine is flooded with demons[6]. Brings the mine under the Doom King's personal control. Also provides 325,000 ProN at the end of Chapter 3 and 130,000 for each iteration in Chapter 4.
3 Border reinforcement 50% (Aram) Elven kingdoms visited. +2 Esthera; has a positive effect when going to Eustrin. Avoids a second seed attack in Aram during the Third Arclent War.
50% (Ardoheim) +2 Esthera; avoids a second seed attack in Ardoheim and has a great effect on Stineford Battle during the Third Arclent War.
4 Recover from collateral damage 10% Non-zero Collateral Damage score.[7] Reduces post-battle Collateral Damage.[8]
4 Succubus immigration 25% Zero Collateral Damage score; high Acceptance[9]. Elven kingdoms visited. +2 Yarra, +2 Qum, +2 Nalili; next round: increases Acceptance score[10] and Army Size. Reduces IKD Morale during the Third Arclent War.
5 Recover from chaos 10% Non-zero Chaos score.[11] Reduces post-battle Chaos.[12]
5 Magic standardization 10% Zero chaos. Elven kingdoms visited. Increases Social and Yhilin scores[13]. Helps during the Third Arclent War.
6 Undo Economic Chaos 30% Economic Chaos in effect.[14] Next turn: end of economic chaos, the Bank can be accessed.
6 Succubus guild fees
(local succubus trade)
20% No economic chaos. Elven kingdoms visited and some Acceptance[15]. +2 Yarra, +2 Qum, +2 Nalili; next round: succubus seller in slum shop[16], increases Acceptance and Economy scores[17] and Army Size.
6 National succubus trade 100% or 50%[18] Succubi pay guild fees. +5 Yarra, +2 Qum, +5 Nalili; next round: increases Acceptance, Economy and Yhilin scores[19] and Army Size. Has a positive effect when going to Eustrin.
7 Repair Merchant Quarter 25% The Merchant Quarter was damaged.[20] The Merchant Quarter can be accessed.
7 Succubus brothels[21] 10% The Merchant Quarter is OK; enough Acceptance[3]. Elven kingdoms visited. +2 Yarra, +2 Qum[22], +2 Nalili, a Forging Ties volunteer. Increases Acceptance score[23] and Army Size.
8 Repair the Square 20% The Square was destroyed.[24] The Square can be accessed. Helps during the Third Arclent War.
8 Doom King statue 10% or 20%[25] The Square is OK, no Chaos or Collateral Damage, the nobility has been pacified[26]. Next round: increases Acceptance, Social and Yhilin scores[27]; visiting the statue gives +5 Esthera, +5 cockwhore-Altina, +5 dominated-Varia.
9 Repair the Court 20% The Court was destroyed.[28] The Court can be accessed again.
9 Noble gratuity[29] 20% The Court is OK. Elven kingdoms visited. -5 Janine, -5 Aka, improves relations with nobles[30].
10 Repair Outskirts 10% The Outskirts were destroyed by undisciplined orcs.[31] The Outskirts can be accessed again.
10 Monastery conversion 5% (shrine) or 25% (aid station) The Outskirts are OK. Andra's been dealt with.[32] +10 or +5 Carina, -5 or +5 Sarai; increases Religion and Yhilin scores[33]. The Aid station helps during the Third Arclent War.
11 Repair Slums 20% The slums were destroyed.[34] The slum shops reopens their door.
11 FANCY WALK 10% to 50%[35] Slum shops are OK. Elven kingdoms visited. +5 Balia; increases Acceptance score[36]. Helps during the Third Arclent War.
12 Repair Elven Ghetto 15% The Ghetto burns down.[37] The Ghetto is rebuilt so elves can return.
12 Elven regions improvement 50% Elven Ghetto is OK. Elven kingdoms visited. +5 to Lynine, +5 Orilise, +5 Altina; increases Acceptance, Social and Yhilin scores[38]. Helps during the Third Arclent War.

Second House of Petitions Edit

If you fund a second House of Petitions, it's open on your next return to Yhilin. It can be found in the Slums, in the house formerly occupied by the Big Man. Unlike the main House of Petitions, this one operates on special rules: it's funded separately, out of your own pocket. The funds you are given in the beginning are based on the profits of your personal investments, not your current ProN count. The starting amount can be less than 100%[39] and the funds are not replenished between rounds. Choose carefully.

The profits column shows the benefits as described in the Investments page.

Name Price Condition(s) Results Profits
Arcane/sexual magical agreement 20% +2 Janine; increases Acceptance score[40]. Helps during the Third Arclent War.
Slum Fighting ring 15% Next round: reopens the slum fighting ring; increases Social score[41]; Slum Fighting Ring investment. 75,000
Sex Fighting ring 25% Nalili tries to fight in the reopened ring +1 Janine, +10 Nalili; next round: increases Acceptance score[42]; Sex Fighting Ring investment.[43] 125,000
Sex shop 35% 25%[44] The same conditions as the Doom King statue. +5 Megail, +2 Janine; Yhilini Sex Shop investment. 165,000
Celebrations 10%, 20% or 30% depending on your choice. The same conditions as the Doom King statue. +1/+2/+3 Janine; increases Acceptance score[45].

Tragically, the Succubus Ring does not appear on the map after being funded.

During the aftermaths of the Third Arclent War, Megail converts what is left for your discretionary in ProN:

Discretionary Left ProN
Yhilin ≥ 50 15,000 ProN
25–49 10,000 ProN
10–24 5,000 ProN
1–9 2,500 ProN
Personal ≥ 50 15,000 ProN
25–49 10,000 ProN
10–24 5,000 ProN
1–9 2,500 ProN

References Edit

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