Eytria is queen of Darghelon. She is in a feud with Queen Dheria of Gheldaron. Eytria accuses Dheria of running from difficulties, and of becoming ignorant of important developments like magical comm tapping in her isolation. Dheria accuses Eytria of wanting elves to "bow to human gods", and of making them vulnerable by meeting in person. Both seem to be carrying on a very old feud between the two nations.

The party first encounters Eytria and Dheria trapped on the Gryndine River, at the border of Darghelon and Gheldaron. They were in diplomatic negotiations when a spell from the Incubus King trapped them there. After assistance from either Lynine or Orilise, the party succeeds in freeing both queens, where others had failed to penetrate or dispel the corruption magic. In return, Eytria offers to diplomatically recognize the Doom King's legitimacy with Ardoheim - prompting the reluctant Dheria to do the same with Aram. She also grants access to the city of Theltiar, so they can seek help uncorrupting the river.

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