Grubbak is first encountered on the Aramite front of the Third Arclent War, as he defects from the Incubus Emperor to join the Doom King's forces. He fights alongside Hilstara and displays some magical abilities.

Skills Edit

Like Orcent, he needs no points of any kind for his special skills, so there is no reason to use the Attack command at all.

Special name Description
Piercing Attack A careful attack.
(Can't be evaded, ignores some DEF.)
Defensive Attack A weak attack that attempts to hinder the enemy.
(Debuffs enemy AGI and ATK.)
Flame Attack A strike imbued with the power of fire.
Ice Attack A strike imbued with the power of ice.
Lightning Attack A strike imbued with the power of lightning.

Starting equipment Edit

Weapon: Orc Sword.

Off-hand: Orc Shield.

Headgear: None.

Bodygear: Orc Armor.

Accessory: None.

Tactics Edit

As you saw earlier in the war, Grubbak has Orcent's Defensive and Piercing Attacks, plus his own elemental attacks which are good against enemy weaknesses (such as the many orcs vulnerable to Fire). Note that elemental attacks use his physical attack stat against the enemy's magic defense, so while a shaman might be vulnerable to his Lightning Attack, the shaman's high magic defense might mean that even an effective Lightning Attack will do less damage than simply smacking him with a sword.

Scenes Edit

None so far.

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