This page is intended to help you to discover more about the game and overcome the difficulties and/or doubts that you may find down the road. But first I suggest that you read the following:

I'll reemphasize something I've said before: this game isn't going to punish you for not getting 100% on things or for taking a relaxed path through it. Even if someone missed way more than you did, they'd still get a satisfying experience. It's not going to be as if Riala dies if you didn't talk to some NPC perfectly ten hours ago. I added all of these hidden details and secrets because I enjoy them, and to make the game fun for the type of person who likes minmaxing everything. But I didn't mean for it to be a critical component of the experience, and I worry that some people are feeling bad about saved games that are roughly what I expected most players to get.
— Sierra Lee[1]

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Pages that cover in depth one aspect of the game or another. Most are heavily interrelated.

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  • Decanter's affection guide - A pretty useful list of all the events that modifies the character's affection, sorted by character. Updated regularly.
  • Decanter's tip list - "This guide is for those who don't want a full spoiler-filled hand-holding walkthru, but also don't want to miss much or mess up badly." Updated regularly.

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