I pray for blessings on all who work for the good of the world.
— Hester[1]

Hester is one of the High Priestesses of the Church of Ivala in Ardoheim. A wise old woman who cares a lot about the Church and the goddess, but without the self-righteous zeal and theological dogmatism of some other High Priestesses. So far she's unaware of Simon's true nature and plans, despite meeting him a couple of times.

Story Edit

You first encounter Hester during her visit to the cathedral in Ari-Yhilina, where she's seen gently, but firmly resisting Andra's attempts to convince her to suppress prostitution in Ardoheim,[2] much to Andra's frustration. After Sarai introduces her to Simon, Hester remarks that she's heard about his work with the Chosen.

The party meets her again during the Ardford summit, where she's the voting representative for the Church of Ivala. She's one of the few representatives that can't be persuaded to change any of their votes, but she's relatively open with how she's voting. Her most important position is supporting the proposition to re-activate the legions of Unpeople.

At first, she likes Simon, but grows quite angry at him after discovering that he's Dargai.

She acts as both an organizator and a voter during the Council of Gawnfall, but stays quite neutral regarding the different issues.


  1. On leaving the Ari-Yhilina Cathedral, after Andra has left in a huff.
  2. Hester: "I will once you tell me what good it does to demonize a few poor women."