Shut up while I fuck this bitch.
— Kai

Kai, Ivala's Chosen, is the apparent main character of the game during the Prologue. Despite his lofty title, he is an obnoxious, arrogant young man who remains reckless and self-absorbed even when facing his doom.

Kai is not the last pupil of Simon, but he is the last to die in the line of duty. In that sense, he marks a turning point in the relationship between Simon and the Church.


After being introduced by the initial narration as the protagonist, Kai arrives at the Withered Mountain and immediately meets the guides sent to help him - Altina, an elven mage, and Simon, a level-headed veteran. He doesn't seem to appreciate any of them, though. Together, they assault and enter the mountain's fortress, assumed by Kai to be the residence of the Incubus King. Their progress is lightly contested until they run into an ambush.

It's a trap laid by the elite succubus Riala to get rid of the latest Chosen before he becomes powerful enough to irritate the Incubus King. While Kai meets his demise in the hands of a succubus, Riala gets alone with her old enemy, Simon, but he manages to run away. His escape marks the end of the Prologue and reveals him as the true protagonist. Later in Chapter 1, Riala reveals that the ambush was a part of a personal plot of hers - to implant a soul fragment in Simon, turning him into a candidate Incubus King that would be better than the current one.

Fan reactionEdit

Kai's personality is a take on the traditional young hero trope that is present in many RPGs, more or less subtle depending from your point of view. It's only the first show of Sierra's talent to write humorous situations (Although there was some misinterpretation from some of the players, that were reasonably upset with the idea that such obnoxious character will be the protagonist of a game.) As with 99% of cases, not everyone was comfortable playing a game with a MC with such obnoxious personality.


His starting skills are his only ones.

Special name Cost Description
Heroic Blow 25 MP

Only the Chosen can wield this incredible power.
(Hits one enemy with Physical damage)

Heroic Assault 50 MP Wields the power of the Chosen against all enemies.
(Hits every enemy with Physical damage)
Heroic Aura 20 MP

The power of the Chosen heals the user completely.
(Heals the user for full health, but does not remove statuses or debuffs.)

Starting equipmentEdit

Special notesEdit

  • Often gets extra EXP and healing after battle as a blessing from Ivala.
  • Kai's narration, including the introduction text, is written in second person and present tense, unlike the rest of the game (which is in third person, past tense).


  • Kai x Succubus - Kai gets his first taste of a succubus, or more precisely, she gets a taste of him. Defeat the succubus in the south-east.
  • Kai x Lamia - Despite their reptilian half, lamia do have luscious breasts. Unmissable, on defeating the gatekeeper (no matter what you choose).
  • Kai Death - A fool even in his final lust. Unmissable, on losing the fight with Riala.

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