An unnamed blonde woman who seems to be some kind of divine being. Given the fact that she is present in the banner used on the game's various websites, she must be someone important. Various sources have speculated her to be Ivala, some other goddess, or even someone not yet mentioned in the lore. As of version 0.32.2, we still have no name, just a picture... and many questions.

Story Edit

She is first shown in the cutscenes after the Prologue, wordlessly watching the world from an isolated mountain peak.

Her next (and final so far) appearance is in another cutscene, between Chapters 2 and 3. Her mountaintop is surprisingly visited by another being, the winged Mithyn, who addresses her as "sister". Their conversation is emotional and full of cryptic references. At least, it reveals that the MDB is a captive and Mithyn is unable to free her, and they also mention having an older sister (who "doesn't care"). The other topics are less clear. Mithyn is concerned about the fate of one Zelica, who apparently has been captured by a "monster". A mysterious Tower features prominently in the conversation. Both are anxious about the place and mention an old man who has looked inside it and has been broken by the knowledge (the full details seem to fit what was revealed about King Alonon during the Ardford summit). Before bidding a tearful farewell, Mithyn expresses puzzlement about the faith put by the MDB into "that meaningless man". Could this be Simon?