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Convinced that he is the best maid, Patty initially meets the party in the Tarran'Kan slums. There he complains of the harsh treatment the other orcs give him and decides to try to find work among the succubi. After talking to him again in Gasm Falls, he travels further to the Givini Camps. Upon finding himself just as underappreciated among the Givini as elsewhere, he decides to head for another continent.

After speaking with him at all these locations, Simon can recruit Patty by talking to him at the Cee'Kan docks. He then joins the maids alongside Fuani in Simon's palace. After joining, he can be found next to the well in the courtyard.

Despite appearances, Patty uses male pronouns, and is capable of violence. He also claims to be "renowned for his skills with the ladies" and will voluntarily join the orc breeding program if asked. Patty rejects an offer of additional transformation work beyond the basic Tak'Kan pools, saying he's "perfect just the way he is!" (Referring to himself in third person is a common though inconsistent mannerism of his.)

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