The being known as the Skullcrusher is your typical stupid Evil Overlord[1], who showed no redeeming qualities[2] during his brief period at the Gathering[3].

Rant incoming!

If you can't break a prisoner, after giving her your best shot for three days in a row, maybe you shouldn't bring her along to an Important MeetingTM, you moron! Because it's entirely possible that you not only had absolutely failed to break her, but maybe she is using you to gain access to that Important MeetingTM.

Also, it's not good if she can embarrass you in front of your betters and the most senior of your peers calls you a DISGRACE. Maybe you should consider sending her back home... or at least keeping her as far from you as you can, before she finishes you.

End of rant.

Aftermath Edit

Nothing overtly dramatic happens, at least nothing visible (with the little exception of an Orc with an Imp's sprite moaning about the uncertainty of his destiny, and other minor things like the repaired wall or the changed line of the guards) but the atmosphere of the Gathering turns more somber and serious. Although you don't have access to the reactions of most of the others, it's foreseeable that they feel a faint sense of doom. From the perspective of Yarra's group it's another step that helps them keep their presence under the radar.

One question is where the Skullcrusher's army will go after his death.

His shard of power was taken by Ginasta.[4] Since she mentions during the Third Arclent War that she have a way to destroy shards, it's probably what happened to the Skullcrusher's.

References Edit

  1. One that apparently hasn't read any of the 100 points of the Evil Overlord list.
  2. If you don't count being ridiculously obsequious with your more senior peers, that is.
  3. And no, using your gonads instead of your brain to try to rape a head state, risking leveling the whole complex, is not the way to make a good first impression.
  4. Source.

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