The Last Sovereign uses music from a variety of sources. Some tracks are free to use with attribution, some are tracks the developer purchased rights to use, some came stock with RPG Maker VX Ace, and a few were made specially for the game by fans.

All of these tracks can be found in the Audio subdirectory of the game directory. Thus it is easy to extract them for personal listening. It is also possible to replace a track you dislike, if you give it the same filename including extension.

Table is ordered by first in-game use of track (except for generic battle themes near top).

filename title circumstances of use source / artist album
Theme.ogg Onwards title screen, prologue montage, after Chapter 3 main boss dies Mark McKeich (Quigon) Member+ November
Prologue battles.ogg 戦闘系02 prologue battles G-MIYA
Battle1.ogg Without Remorse sub-boss theme Jeremiah "McTricky" George Condemned To Repeat
Battle3.ogg Victory In Sight main boss battle theme Jeremiah "McTricky" George The Freelance Musician
Battle6.ogg 297 - Bloodlust (Battle Loop) main battle theme Aaron Krogh
(edited by Lamsey)
RPG Maker Sound Color 2
Battle7.ogg Battle C optional boss battle theme, Ardford Hidden Port 磯田重晴 (Shigeharu Isoda) RPGツクール SUPER DANTE
Withered Mountain.ogg 街11 Withered Mountain (part of prologue only) MaouDamashii
Dungeon6.ogg ダンジョン04 Withered Mountain fort, Reval's Compound, Abandoned Quarry MaouDamashii
Feroholm.ogg First Snow Feroholm Mark McKeich (Quigon) Member+ November
Templar Order (holy).ogg churches of Ivala (except in Helvanna), Holy Plane
Delgar Forest Camp.ogg ダンジョン21 Bounty Hunter Camp, Theltiar MaouDamashii
Delgar Forest.ogg Skyward Altar Delgar Forest, Darghelon Entrance, Denmiel Mark McKeich (Quigon)
Traveling.ogg ダンジョン03 road to Merchant Camp, Merchant's Pass MaouDamashii
Merchant Camp.ogg 街09 Merchant Camp MaouDamashii
Scene1.ogg ダンジョン19 Merchant Camp Reval confrontation, Yhilin coup attempt, wasteland High Pass, Impaler confrontation, Gathering Trials of Orcish Strength, a mountain corruption cache, Tower of Mist, Riala Location MaouDamashii
Dungeon9.ogg Battle - Back Alley Brawlers Ransacked Farm, The Hole Joel R. Steudler Modern Day Music Mini-Pack v01
Stineford.ogg Thatched Villagers Stineford Kevin MacLeod Royalty Free
Ship.ogg ダンジョン05b most regional maps (70% volume), Stineford mine exterior, Stineford succubus tower exterior MaouDamashii
Field4.ogg 遠い記憶 (distant memory) Stineford region ingredient glade, Zirantian wilderness above Ordeal, Potion Hermit's home CAMeLIA
Town4.ogg ダンジョン15 Thaumaturgical Academy MaouDamashii
Dungeon1.ogg ダンジョン09 Stineford Mine MaouDamashii
Succubus Region.ogg Deliberate Thought Stineford Succubus Hideout, IK wasteland village, Rodak succubus village, Gasm Falls Kevin MacLeod Light
Dungeon8.ogg ダンジョン Devil's Gate, Devil's Pass Deep Tunnels, Aram deserts, Aramite Forest, Bloody Spire 浜佐蛇 音々亭 (Sound Arbour)
Melancholy Battle.ogg Ending A Hilstara battle, Dark Ruin finale, end of battle for Yhilin (80% pitch), Riala battle in Third Arclent War 磯田重晴 (Shigeharu Isoda) RPGツクール2
Scene2 RTP.ogg Devil's Pass camp and cache, Endgames (85% pitch) RPG Maker VX Ace RTP
Battle4.ogg ダンジョン06 Devil's Pass Deep Cache MaouDamashii
Theme_-_Seasons_Change (town).ogg Theme - Seasons Change much of Yhilin Joel R. Steudler Modern Day Music Mini-Pack v01
Strings and Things (calm).ogg Ari-Yhilina Court and palace, Janine's Retreat, War Headquarters (slightly sped up)
Dungeon3.ogg ダンジョン14 Yhilini Manor, Ari-Yhilina Mine, Orgasmic Capital Docks, Yhilini Orc Cavern, Hidden Stronghold MaouDamashii
Field3.ogg フィールド08 wasteland Watchtower and Narrow Pass, Bandit Pass MaouDamashii フィールド08
Battle9.ogg Fuel the Fighting Flame The Empress's 3rd fight, Incubus Emperor fight Jeremiah "McTricky" George The Freelance Musician
Ardford.ogg Parthenon A interlude between chapters 1 and 2, Ardford 磯田重晴 (Shigeharu Isoda) RPGツクール SUPER DANTE
Camp.ogg chapter 2 free roam camp, chapter 4 Headquarters
Dungeon2.ogg ダンジョン02 shrine with Stark's head, Yhilin Palace secret tunnels, Eustrin, Ardford Walls Foundation MaouDamashii
Event Theme.ogg cutscenes in the Incubus King's throne room, Lustlord's Palace, Incubus Castle Summit unknown fan
Dungeon2 RTP.ogg Abandoned Shrine, Dark Ruin, Elven Ruin RPG Maker VX Ace RTP
Dungeon7.ogg ダンジョン01 Rodak MaouDamashii
Scene2.ogg ダンジョン07 Succubus Race, Succubus Hunt MaouDamashii
Ginasta theme.ogg 超えなければならない戦い Ginasta's escape from the Gathering, Ginasta battle ENTERBRAIN RPGツクールDS PREMIUM SOUNDTRACK
Dungeon5.ogg Order of Yhilini Thaumaturgy RPG Maker VX Ace RTP
Battle2 RTP.ogg Ari-Yhilina Fighting Pits RPG Maker VX Ace RTP
Battle2.ogg Battle - Knife Fight Fighting Pits battles, final Order trial battles Joel R. Steudler Modern Day Music Mini-Pack v01
Dungeon9 RTP.ogg Ari-Yhilina Lower City Suspicious Tunnels, Incubus Castle RPG Maker VX Ace RTP
Scene3.ogg ダンジョン18 Yhilin-Aram Pass MaouDamashii
Orgasmic Palace.ogg Town B Orgasmic Palace (60% pitch) and training grounds, Doom King's Palace 磯田重晴 (Shigeharu Isoda) RPGツクール SUPER DANTE]
Orgasmic Empire.ogg 楽しい賑わい Orgasmic Empire capital city ENTERBRAIN RPGツクールDS PREMIUM SOUNDTRACK
Ardford Roadside.oga Orgasmic Empire slime clearing (70% volume), Ardford region empty lot (70% volume), Western Ardan Mountains (70% volume) Lily Strife
Reunion.ogg 最愛との別れ chapter 2 reunion scene at Janine's Retreat, Yhilin Palace king's bedroom during Third Arclent War ENTERBRAIN RPGツクールDS PREMIUM SOUNDTRACK
Town5.ogg Ardan Rest Stop RPG Maker VX Ace RTP
Alonon.ogg Tower A King Alonon's castle 磯田重晴 (Shigeharu Isoda) RPGツクール2
Gardens of Steam.ogg Gardens of Steam Lily Strife
Unforge.ogg Aries Rising the Unforge DJ Mixzilla
Mountaintop.ogg Shop B scene between chapters 2 and 3 磯田重晴 (Shigeharu Isoda) RPGツクール2
Battle for Yhilin.ogg Battalion battle for Yhilin, defending Ardoheim's bridges, battleground near Stineford Jeremiah "McTricky" George The Freelance Musician
Elven Royalty.ogg Double Drift Gryndine River Kevin MacLeod Everything Else
Elven Dungeons.ogg Twisted Glen, Forest of the First Root
Zirantia.ogg Desert City Zirantia Kevin MacLeod Middle East Inspired
Wynn.ogg 月明 (moonlight) Wynn's house and environs CAMeLIA
Zirantian Dungeon.ogg Temple of the Manes Zirantian Ruins, Incubus Ruins, Remote Zirantian Ruin, Ordeal of the Claw Kevin MacLeod
Tower.ogg most areas in The Tower
Succubus City.ogg Soporific Helvanna Kevin MacLeod
(edited by Lamsey)
Disco and Lounge
Givini.ogg New Givini MaouDamashii
Tarran'Kan.ogg D City Tarran'Kan and other Tak'Kan maps (but not Cee'Kan, Bloody Spire, or Lonely Ruin) Tungerman Disparity OST
Cee'Kan.ogg ダンジョン03 Cee'Kan MaouDamashii
Aram Town.ogg Ramasta MaouDamashii
Aram Dungeon.ogg Aramite Tower Foundation MaouDamashii
Stenai.mp3 宮廷 (court) Stenai (80% volume) 浜佐蛇 音々亭 (Sound Arbour)
Tower Somber.ogg Halls of the Undead Tower Depths Kevin MacLeod Dark World
Gawnfall.ogg Relent Gawnfall Kevin MacLeod
(volume boosted by Lamsey)
Royalty Free
Gawnfall Council.ogg Gawnfall Council deliberations MaouDamashii
Dungeon8 RTP.ogg unused (formerly Devil's Pass and Aram desert) RPG Maker VX Ace RTP

Lamsey trimmed several of these tracks of trailing silence for better looping, and converted others to OGG from MP3 format. He also did more significant edits on a few, as noted.

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