The Last Sovereign Wiki

Hello. I'm Decanter, formally defined as "an ornamental vessel for holding and serving fluids."

I'm listed in the credits of The Last Sovereign because of thousands of lines of proofreading, bug reports, and other feedback (or as Sierra Lee once called it, "Hadrian's Wall of Text"). I've also contributed some patches and scripting to the game, most notably the party switching system seen in certain dungeons from Chapter 3 onward, but also to improve UI and make certain skills work correctly.

I also contributed along similar lines to Noxian Nights, Kingdom of Deception, Ouroboros, Crimson Gray, and Desecration of Wings. Most notably, I am responsible for the colored equipment system in Desecration of Wings.

I wrote comprehensive guides for Ouroboros and Crimson Gray

I maintain an IRC chat room you can find here here (or here if you already have an IRC program of choice). It's slow, but the idlers will notice you if you stick around.

Prior to the wiki's founding, I'd been recording helpful game info for a while in resources like the affection guide and tip list, and was admin of other wikis elsewhere.

I also made a mod in which Simon rescues Altina early. It's a fun little challenge, if I may say so myself.

These two edits are my best work, however.